How a cat helped me realize that adopting children won’t be easy


The way that my husband and I have chosen to have our children is a little different than the way that most people go about it. We don’t want to have any biological children. We only want to foster and adopt our children. This has always been our plan, and while we realize adoption isn’t the right thing for everyone, we’re pretty excited about it.

Recently we decided we want to adopt a cat.

I work primarily from home, so I really wanted to have a pet to cuddle and sit with me during the day. We found a cat through an adoption website and quickly got attached. We talked to the woman who needed to give the cat up for adoption, we set a date to come meet the cat and take her home with us, and we even decided on a new name for the cat. Clearly, we were getting excited about having our first pet together.

But a couple days before we were supposed to get our new kitty, the owner of the cat changed her mind and decided she really wanted to keep her. She called to let me know, and she apologized if she was breaking our hearts.

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