Dear Broken Heart, You Will Survive


Here’s an unfortunate truth: By and large, humans are pretty bad at relationships. Sure, we do relationships well enough that the world keeps spinning, but when it comes to deep, personal relationships it’s pretty inevitable that we’ll all encounter heartbreak at some point. (And yes, I’m mostly talking romantically, but the principle applies to basically any sort of close personal relationship.)

There are no perfect guidelines to navigating the fallout from failed relationships. Relationships are a bunch of trial and error to begin with, so we shouldn’t expect them to be any easier when they end. What matters, though, is that we don’t become the proverbial insane person, trying things the same way over and over and expecting something to change. That’s a good way to get really, really hurt emotionally.

So it’s important to ask ourselves when we’re confronted with the end of a relationship: How do you handle the heartbreak in a way that will help you heal and grow?

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